T-Vox Mexico is a company dedicated to professional transcription and translation services focused on customer experience our integration and work systems allow us to collaborate efficiently with the goals of our clients T Vox remains above the competition by incorporating new technologies into traditional processes.

The human factor is fundamental in the work that characterizes us, that is why we not only rely on technology for digital audio capture, conversion and rectification, but the experience, commitment and seriousness of our team is a fundamental piece of our job.

For T Vox values are found in people, so our transcriptionists are professionals, committed to their work, with vast experience and great attention to detail, as well as the highest level of knowledge of the Spanish language that, together with the tools that we put at the service of this commitment, they allow us to generate a direct bond of excellence with our clients.

T-Vox Mexico


Provide the market with practical solutions for data processing, collaborating with customers to achieve excellence in the final product and providing them with the necessary mechanisms that allow them to maintain control over their information at all times.


Our vision is to always create synergies with our clients so that we can boost their operation and become one of the pillars where their success rests.


Quality: Review and constant improvement of our standards.

Confidentiality: Strict control over customer information and its management within our company.

Ethics: We promote in our staff the highest standards of honesty and morals.

Commitment: We put the company’s capabilities and skills at the service of the client to offer an excellent service.